Abhimat Gautam

About Me

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Abhimat Krishna Gautam

Email: abhimat [at] hey.com
Twitter: @abhimatgautam

I’m an astronomy postdoc at UCLA. I love starry nights, learning about how stars and the universe work, and sharing my passion for science with absolutely everyone I can.

I was born in India and spent a big part of my childhood there. I’ve also grown up in Pittsburgh, Rhode Island, and Boston. More recently, I’ve been living in California (Berkeley, and now LA). It turns out that California’s pretty amazing.

Besides astronomy and science, I care immensely about social justice issues. You can often find me reading and learning about history and social justice movements.

I also really like photography, running, making art, typography and design, and probably way too many other things. One day I might be able to control myself and not get unreasonably excited about learning the minutiae of something seemingly ordinary, but that day’s not today.